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    Whether it's help building your brand, building authority or just gaining visibility, our consultation will help you gain insight as to where you are and what you need to do to start generating better conversions and how to reach your business goals.

Beating the Competition With Strategy.


See how the world’s leading online business marketplace is using branding to gain a competitive edge on social media.

But, what does that mean for me strategically?

We'll start by analyzing consumer attention in your industry as this will provide us with leverage for brand opportunity. This is important as it brings us to maximize planning for innovation in the short-term. 

The idea is to identify the most authentic connection between your brand and what captures people’s attention. With this information, we can test and learn to understand what works and with whom, in the context of each platform. 

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Your primary business requirement is to have someones attention. After that, it's what you say in the written word, audio or visual context that becomes the variable of your success. A marketing strategy is about following attention, getting in front of the masses. 

This ‘aha’ moment is the moment when you realise that content marketing impacts absolutely everything you do!

It won’t matter how good your product or service is, if nobody knows about it, it might as well not exist.

Read up on creating my one-page marketing strategy.

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This is your chance to survive remote work and organise your marketing ops with forMarketer -a champion content marketing software solution.

No marketing team, agency or content writer should live without it. Any writing project, whether a small blog post or an extensive technical documentation, must undergo strategy, ideation, creation, editing, approval, publication, promotion and optimisation. 

forMarketer also boasts of a dynamic editorial, published and campaigns calendar to avoid bottlenecks and keep track of all published content.

Remote-first companies will love the intelligent DAM. Geographically dispersed employees will be accessing files even when colleagues can’t be reached. This tool helps remote marketing teams and freelancers increase their productivity and collaboration. Schedule a call with me and we'll go over your needs!


“She's a conscientious, intelligent & divergent thinker with a solutions orientation coupled to a salt of the earth servant's character. All in all, I recommend her and all that she offers to serve your needs in business too.”

— Phillip Anthony Gornail
“Excellent professional and consultant. It was a pleasure to work with her. She created a great working environment, very proactive, capable of implementing innovative initiatives that involve those around her helping them to achieve their goals.”

— Carlos Romero
“I didn't realize the full power of Content Marketing and strong branding until we met Alexandra.

— Mary Schweitzer
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